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About Fitech's Fire Extinguishing Agents

Fitech's new technology fire extinguishing agents have the best fire extinction ability in the world, are environmentally friendly, and are safe to use for anyone, anywhere.

[Extinction Ability]

Fitech's fire extinguishing agents use a different fire extinction method as those from before. We have achieved the best fire extinction ability through a new concept called 3D fire extinction. By suppressing oxygen, cooling down, and decomposing oil, we can stop the chain reactions of fire and put out the fire within seconds.


Fitech products think of the user's safety first. We care about potential odor, irritation, and any impact on human bodies that chemicals may cause, and provide equipments that are safe to use anywhere, whether it is at home, in public, at a large-scale building fire or forest fire.

[Environmental Consideration]

All Fitech products qualify the same safety standards as those of food additives, accommodate to RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances), and do not include any PFOS (per-fluoro-octane sulfonate).

[Adaptability to Various Regions]

We are able to provide fire extinguishing agents adaptable to any climates and in extreme temperatures, hot or cold.

[Development Capability]

Fitech's greatest strength is our developmental ability to respond to any requests. We are able to meet any kind of requests your country may have, and provide high performance fire extinguishers to anywhere in the world. We are also confident in making unique fire extinguishers, and only unique ones. We continue to produce the best extinguishers in terms of ability and safety, and care about any possible effects to the environment more than any other extinguishers in the world.
By continuing to innovate we hope to contribute to world peace as a leading company in the field of fire extinguishing equipments.

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